The Lonely Housewife And The Sexy Escort

Katrina was a lonely housewife whose husband would often neglect her in every way possible, including in the bedroom. Stan was always at business meetings, usually putting in late hours at work. She would end up doing everything by herself and it frustrated her to the point of insanity. Katrina was tired of being alone, eating alone, and only seeming to be important when Stan needed her to run errands for him.

After hearing about a women’s male escort service, it got her thinking about all the lonely nights she had spent by herself. That’s when the idea struck her to look into it further. Going online, Katrina checked out the various male escort services in her area to see what they had to offer. She decided to hire a male escort from cheap London escorts to relieve her sexual and loneliness frustrations with.

Wanting the royal treatment, decided to set up a date with the male escort of her dreams. So while Katrina’s husband was away on a business trip she went out with this handsome and sexy escort. They went to a great restaurant a few towns over so that no one would recognize her. The two of them were having an amazing time together. While sipping on her martini Katrina thought to herself “I’m so glad that I did this!” never realizing the amazing things that were still in store for her later on that evening. Her escort named Pierre was the hottest guy she’d ever laid eyes upon, and she felt an immediate attraction to him.

From there they went to a luxurious motel in the area and began their heated night of passionate love making. Without a moment’s hesitation, they were all over each other as soon as they shut the door. Tearing each other’s clothes off, Pierre picked Katrina up and carried her to the massive king sized bed. He began kissing her from head to toe, leaving her gasping for more.

Pierre continued to give her intense pleasure for hours into the night, making Katrina’s body scream out for more. Laying in each other’s arms after expressing their sexual desire for one another, the two of them didn’t want the night to end. It was the BEST sex Katrina had ever experienced in her life. Forgetting about everything and everyone, she was in heavenly bliss. Before leaving the motel, they’d made plans to get together next week. When Katrina got back home, she couldn’t stop thinking about that amazing night she’d spent with Pierre. Anticipating their next date, and looking forward to experiencing that ultimate sexual pleasure. She was finally free of all of her frustrations.